2010-08-21 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 13: A Beacon Light Lane resident reported a miter saw was stolen. The thief removed an air conditioning unit to enter the building.

• Aug. 14: A Westerville resident reported that someone vandalized her car while it was in Buckeye Lake.

• Aug. 15: A Heath resident said someone damaged a fence on his Buckeye Lake property, although the officer believes an street paving machine may have caused the damage.

• Aug. 16: An officer cited a Zanesville man for spinning his tires on a public road. The Buckeye Lake officer was working in Heath as mutual aid at the time.


• July 22: Police were called to a 2nd Avenue home on a report that a man was on the way to assault a juvenile over an altercation involving the man’s son. Police got there before the man did. His intended victim had already left. Police advised him not to have any contact with the juvenile.

• July 22: Police were called to Evans Park after a fight broke out amon parents at a baseball game. Both sides said the fight started after coaches from opposing teams called the fans disrespectful toward each other. At one point, one of the men in the fight grabbed a baseball bat, claiming he was using it to defend himself. Police got conflicting stories from witnesses. The report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office to review possible charges.

• July 23: Police on patrol at 12:52 a.m. saw a teenage girl walking near Hebron Elementary School. She told police she was walking to a friends house after getting into an argument with her younger brother when he had friends at their house. Police called her father at work who said he didn’t want any non-family members at the house. Police took the girl home and told the friends to leave. Her father came home early from work.

• July 23: Police on patrol at 1:33 a.m. saw two young adults playing basketball at Evans Park. They were told that the park closed at dusk.

• July 23: Police on patrol at 2:06 a.m. saw a forklift in one of the wash stalls at Canyon Car Wash. Police contacted the owner who said the equipment was being used to make repairs. Police said the key was in the ignition. Police removed the key and placed it in the tire store drop box.

• July 23: Police checked out a report of a man loitering in the Kroger parking lot. The man was a guest at the Best Western and was out walking because he was bored.

• July 24: Police ticketed a vehicle parked in the fire lane in front of the Subway restaurant.

• July 24: Police ticketed a vehicle parked in the roadway at Evans Park. Police tried to locate the driver at the baseball game before issuing the ticket.

• July 24: Police assisted Buck- eye Lake Police on an active domestic dispute on Central Avenue.

• July 24: A motorist stopped police in the Kroger parking lot to report that some children had been left in a vehicle with the motor running. Police found a mini-van with four juveniles. All were properly restrained. Police contacted the owner who said he left his 13- year-old in charge while he ran into the store.

• July 25: Police on patrol noticed that a Lake Forest Drive home had been toilet papered. The owner thought his son’s friends had done it, but he didn’t want a report. Police checked the area with no contact.

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