2010-08-14 / News

State issues cautions for activities at Dillon Lake

COLUMBUS – Following reports of a blue-green scum forming on Dillon Lake, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Health urge people and pets visiting Dillon State Park in Muskingum County to avoid contact with surface scum at the lake, limit their contact with lake water and avoid ingesting lake water pending the State’s ongoing investigation.

Water samples were collected from Dillon Lake and will be analyzed this week to determine if algal toxins are present. A full analysis of the samples should be available by next week.

BSA Environmental Services Inc. in Beachwood has identified the organism in Dillon Lake as Anabaena, a cyanobacteria that can produce toxins.

Dillon State Park remains open to visitors. People recreating in Dillon Lake should use similar precautions as they would in any non-chlorinated surface water.

Additional Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) information and data is available online at:

• Ohio EPA: www.epa.ohio. gov/dsw/HAB.aspx

• ODH: www.odh.ohio. gov/features/odhfeatures/algalblooms. aspx

• Centers for Disease Control :www.cdc.gov/hab/cyanobacteria/ facts.htm

Additional information about Dillon State Park is available online at: ODNR www.dnr.state. oh.us/parks/parks/dillon/tabid/ 730/Default.aspx

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