2010-07-31 / Schools

Lakewood students excel in AP classes

By Charles Prince

HEBRON – “This is definitely our best year,” Lakewood AP English teacher Amanda O’Dell said.

More than 70 percent of the Lakewood juniors and seniors taking advanced placement or AP English courses qualified for college credit. This is the first year Lakewood offered two AP English classes. Juniors took APLanguage which focuses on nonfiction literature. Nine of the 11 students taking the class qualified for college credit based on their performance on a national test. “That’s amazing,” O’Dell said. “This is a very difficult test.”

Seniors took AP-Literature which covers fiction and poetry. Six of the 10 seniors qualified for college credit.

AP students must score a 3 or higher to qualify for college credit. Two Lakewood students scored 5’s which is highest possible score, three scored 4’s and 10 garnered 3’s. “We worked hard and it paid off,” O’Dell explained. “Our Lakewood kids have proven themselves at a national level. They were competing with kids from schools all over the US. Everyone takes the same test.”

Franklin Township senior Hannah Olson took AP-Language last year and qualified for college credit. “It was my absolute favorite class this year,” she said. “I enjoyed being with other people just as excited as I about learning.”

She is taking four AP classes her senior year – AP-Literature, AP-History, AP-Calculus and AP-Chemistry. “I found out this year that I enjoyed the work,” Olson explained.

She plans to study physical or occupational therapy in college and hopes to attend St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Olson needs the AP classes to gain admittance to the national highly selective liberal arts college.

Lakewood also offered APHistory, AP-Calculus and APChemistry classes. Franklin Township senior Kelsey Lane took AP-History last year and qualified for college credit with a 4. Her score will allow her to skip one or possibly two entry level college courses. She hopes to attend Miami University and major in history.

“I really enjoyed it,” Lane said. “It helped me in my other classes too.” Eight students took AP-History last year and four earned college credit including one student with a 5.

Lane will take AP-Literature this year.

AP classes will be eliminated for the 2011-2012 school year if voters fail to approve additional revenue for the district this year. A 9.9 mill additional levy is on the Tuesday, Aug. 3 special election ballot.

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