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“Locally Grown” event at Hebron Kroger’s on Saturday

COLUMBUS – Fresh picked fruits and vegetables, picnic grilled meats and smooth, creamy ice cream are on tap for Kroger’s 3rd annual “Locally Grown” event, scheduled for Saturday, July 31, noon until 2 p.m. at Kroger’s 600 East Main St. store in Hebron.

Customers will enjoy free food from local Ohio farms and Velvet Ice Cream, with the first 50 customers receiving a reusable bag and free locally grown produce. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet the farmers who grow products for Ohio families.

“We live in a great state with great people and delicious locally grown foods that consumers can depend on year round for good nutrition,” said Bruce Macaulay, president of Kroger’s Columbus Division. “Kroger is proud to partner with area farmers to bring customers fresh, high quality products raised in our own communities.”

Ohio Proud producers represented during the Hebron “Locally Grown” event will include Buurma Farms (Willard), Velvet Ice Cream (Utica), Bob Evans Farms (Rio Grande) and Park Farms (Canton). Kroger customers will enjoy fresh Park Farms chicken and Bob Evans brats from the Kroger grill, topped off with the tempting flavors of Velvet Ice Cream.

Macaulay points out that buying Ohio Proud products brings many benefits by helping Ohio farmers, strengthening the state’s economy and ensuring consumers have the freshest products. When foods are locally grown, less time passes between harvest, processing and when foods hit the dinner plate. Locally-grown foods are also better for the environment because they require less packaging and travel, which saves fuel and reduces pollution.

“Kroger’s ‘Locally Grown’ program is one of the many ways we support Ohio Proud and the Ohio farm economy,” Macaulay said. “Many consumers have commented that they like being able to purchase foods raised by people they know and trust and who are committed to producing superior products.”

The Kroger “Locally Grown” program launched in July and continues through the end of August, with Kroger offering samples of many Ohio raised products. Fresh locally harvested produce found in Kroger stores during July and August includes turnip and mustard greens, cilantro, dill, bunch radishes, green onion, curly and flat parsley, collard and kale greens, sweet corn, green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, hot peppers and green beans—to name a few.

Kroger will hold “Locally Grown” celebrations at two other stores this summer at locations in Tiffin and Johnstown.

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