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Trustees award road resurfacing contract

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN – There weren’t any disputes or questions about Licking Township’s road resurfacing solicitation this year.

Just one firm – The Shelly Company of Thornville – submitted a bid for the Monday night bid opening. Their bid listed a start date of August 16 and a finish date of October 15. The road by road bids are:

• Pavement repair using 301 pavement repair at $53 per cubic yard: Licking Trails, Roley Hills and Dover Place - $21,306.00;

• Dover Place (530 ft. by 13 ft. two inch asphalt overlay) - $6,779.60;

• Woodland Drive (794 ft. x 16 ft. 1.5 inch asphalt overlay) - $9,452.70;

• Oak/Maple Drive (1,237 ft. by 12 ft. 1.5 inches asphalt overlay) - $10,962.40;

• Dartmouth (1,116 ft. x 13 ft. two inch asphalt overlay) - $14,278.70;

• Cornell (1,435 ft. by 12 ft. two inch asphalt overlay) - $16,990.20;

• Zanesville (1,893 ft. by 12 ft. 1.5 inch asphalt overlay) - $16,804.20;

• Licking Trails Repair/White Chapel Approach (150 ft. by 14 ft. two inch asphalt overlay - $2,390.40;

• Kenyon Place (535 ft. by 13 ft. plus 40 ft. turnaround with two inch asphalt overlay) - $8,775.00;

• Lancaster (dead end section) (684 ft. by 13 ft. with 1.5 inch asphalt overlay) - $6,561.30;

• Hilltop/Terrace (345 ft. by 13 ft. three inch asphalt overlay) - $5,520.50;

• Roley Hills (two patches 240 ft. by 18 ft. with two inch asphalt overlay) - $4,227.80;

• Lake Drive (from Avondale to existing pavement 250 ft. by 12 ft. with two inch asphalt overlay) - $1,546.90;

• Railroad crossing at South Fork (150 ft. by 18 ft. two inch asphalt overlay) - $2,632.50; and

• Railroad crossing at White Chapel and South Fork (150 ft. by 18 ft. two inch asphalt overlay) - $2,632.50

The Shelly bid totaled $130,860.70. “We’re about a thousand less than we originally anticipated,” Trustee Dave Miller said.

Trustee President Joe Hart said his only issue is whether to include repaving the two former railroad crossing where the Evans Foundation removed the track before paving the rail bed for a bike trail. He said that he hadn’t received a definitive answer from the foundation’s engineer so he asked The Shelly Company representative present if they had been given any instructions as when to resume paving the former railroad bed. Ross Kirk said they had not heard anything.

After confirming with fiscal officer Jill Linn that sufficient funds were available to do all the projects, trustees unanimously awarded the complete resurfacing job to Shelly.

In other business Monday night, trustees learned from Licking County Treasurer that the township will receive $22,891 from an estate tax payment. Fire Chief Mike Wilson told trustees that the fire company received an Ohio EMS grant of $5,950 for equipment and training. The grants are funded by fines for seat belt violations. Wilson said the fire company will be conducting training and certifications on Wednesday evenings at the 10 dry hydrants in their coverage area. A dry hydrant provides a connection for a tanker to fill its tank from a

Miller said the Hupp Road reconstruction project is ready to go to bid as soon as the township receives a Notice to Proceed from the Ohio Public Works Commission. The township’s share of the estimated $400,000 project is $80,000. Hupp runs east from Ohio 13 to Fairmount Road. Miller said trustees’ second meeting in August set for the 16th might have to be pushed back to the 23rd to allow enough time to receive Hupp Road bids. Trustees will make that decision at their August 2 meeting.

Miller said he had met with an arborist about which trees should be removed in the Fleatown, Jacksontown and Sanford cemeteries, but doesn’t yet have apples-toapples bids to make a recommendation to the trustee board. He hopes to have that information for the next meeting.

Trustees agreed to set a hearing as the first item at their next regular meeting set for 7 p.m. on Monday, August 2. The hearing concerns a recommendation from the township zoning commission for a zoning map amendment. The amendment will update the township zoning map by incorporating previously approved zoning amendments that had not been recorded on the zoning map. It also makes the necessary changes to move from a Mylar map to a digital map.

During public comments, Papa Boo’s owner Jason Biggs brought up the recent interest in occupancy permits as a means to control crowds at lakeside bars. He thought it was motivated by revenge and spite after a neighbor was unable to challenge his zoning permit for a new stage.

Hart stopped him mid-sentence and said he brought up the issue of occupancy permits for all establishments in the township. Hart added that he discovered that none of the public restaurants and bars in the township have occupancy limits. He wants them set throughout the township, not just at Captain Woody’s and Papa Boo’s.

Hart said bar neighbors have complained about noise from bands and patrons, trash, indecent behavior and parking. “If I lived in that area, I would take out a petition to shut down the liquor permits,” he added. Hart said trustees have some moral and legal obligations to address those concerns. He noted that Captain Woody’s hires a private duty sheriff’s deputy while Papa Boo’s does not. “It is a complex situation out there,” Hart said.

Miller said he patronizes Papa Boo’s, but not Captain Woody’s. “Some of it (complaints) is un- founded,” he said. “The bands have always played. I don’t have any real issues.”

Trustee Ron Acord said nine businesses in the township could be subject to occupany limits. He met with the township’s legal counsel – assistant county prosecutor Jim Miller – who said, according to Acord, that complaintants must first go to the county building or health department.

Hart questioned that advice, adding that he will also talk with Jim Miller. Hart plans to recommend that occupancy limits be set for all applicable businesses in the township. “Our fire prevention officer does not set the limit,” he explained. The limit is set by the county building department and then enforced by the township fire prevention officer.

Mike Hostasa, who owns the Captain Woody’s property, also commented. “We’re open five months,” he said. “It is seasonal.” Both bars have a limited season, he said, to make money to pay bills that continue year round. “The people in The Woods knew what was there,” Hostasa added. Hart said he hasn’t heard any complaints from The Woods since the township banned parking in the subdivision.

Naomi Compton, Democrat candidate for Licking County Commissioner, introduced herself and stayed for the entire meeting. She asked trustees some questions at the end of the meeting and complimented them on a well run meeting.

The trustees’ next regular meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Monday, August 2 at the Licking Township Fire Company Station 3 on Jacksontown Road.

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