2010-07-24 / Editorials & Letters

Don’t help park company until it meets its responsibilities


We just celebrated the 4th of July and I must ask. What would be the atmosphere at Buckeye Lake if everyone were treated like those of us who live in the Carlin Addition?

I just read that the village doesn’t have any money to repair our roads. We pay our taxes just like all other village property owners; the fire and police departments need to get to our homes just like all others.

I’ll bet the square footage in our area was added into the cost of repaving when water lines were planned. How is it that our elected village officials permit the Buckeye Lake Park Company to keep access to our homes in such disrepair, yet permit water lines to be installed?

Yet they don’t have any problems using tax money to tear down properties owned by that same private company. Then they turn around and use the private property excuse to ignore our terrible streets. Talk about taxation without representation!

We never even thought to ask if the streets were private when we purchased our property (know better now). We don’t think the village should spend one tax dollar to benefit the Buckeye Lake Park Company until residents have decent access to our fully taxed property. We ask our neighbors to support us in that effort.
Gregg & Jane Kearns
Buckeye Lake

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