2010-07-17 / News

Looking for people we should all know

BUCKEYE LAKE AREA – Do you have an interesting neighbor? Someone, perhaps, who has made their community a better place? Someone who has great stories? Someone who started influencing a few people and ended up changing their little corner of the world? Someone you want to drag around by the hand, introducing to people, because, hey, they’re just worth knowing?

They are the kinds of people who make small towns great. They’ve lived around the lake forever, or they’ve just arrived and brought with them a passion for positive change. They served snow cones beside you at a fundraising event. They still remember dancing to the tunes of a big band in a ballroom over the water. They are people everyone around the lake should know.

We want to know them, too.

Last week, we kicked off our new semi-regular series by introducing readers to Barb Clark of Millersport. Inspiration for the feature came to us from Vince Popo - Mayor’s Assistant and School Board Member in Millersport - who accompanied the idea with a generous list of people we definitely should know.

Who do you want us to highlight? Call 928-5541 or email us at charlesprince@buckeyelakebeacon. net with your nominations and suggestions.

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