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Trustees fine tune road resurfacing list

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN – Licking Township Trustees have made several changes to their 2010 road resurfacing project list.

Trustees removed Larasan, Liberty and College streets from the project list due to concerns about that they might be dug up for a sewer installation project in a few years, damaging the resurfacing work. Four projects were added to the bid list June 21. They are:

• A 250 feet portion of Lake Drive crossing the Avondale Marina property;

• Two former railroad crossings at South Fork and White Chapel roads; and

• Kenyon Place in Harbor Hills.

In addition to the four new projects, bids will be sought for:
• Dover Place;
• Woodland Drive;
• Oak/Maple Drive;
• Dartmouth Road;

• Cornell Road;
• Zanesville Avenue;
• Lancaster Avenue;
• Hill Top/Terrace;

• a section on Licking Trails; and

• two sections on Roley Hills.

Bids are due Saturday, July 17 and will be opened at the trustees’ regular meeting set for 7 p.m. on Monday, July 19.

In other business, June 21, Trustee Dave Miller recommended that the township purchase a $61,000 DuraPatcher trailer unit. The self-contained unit patches pot holes and cracks. Trustees have seen in operate in cold and warm weather and have been impressed with the quality of the repairs. “I think it would earn its keep,” Miller said. “We have a lot of cracks and roads.” In Licking County, Madison Township and the City of Newark have DuraPatchers. “What we did in two hours would have taken all day,” Miller added. The machine uses compressed air first to clean cracks and potholes, then apply an emulsion and washed stone mix. Trustee Joe Hart expressed concerns about the cost of the emulsion if it is a proprietary product. He wants to know how much the emulsion costs per gallon and how much the washed stone will cost before deciding whether to buy it. Fiscal officer Jill Linn asked trustees to wait until the next meeting to make a decision so she can determine how much money will be available. Hart said he isn’t opposed to the equipment, but wants to fully understand all the costs before making a decision.

Trustees decided to let their certificate of deposit investments rollover for another year even thought they will earn only .45 percent interest for the next year. Checking account balances only earn .15 percent interest annually.


uring public comments,

Avondale resident Rhonda Carte asked how she could appeal zoning inspector Joe Walker’s decision to issue a permit for a larger stage at Papa Boo’s. Hart said she could appeal Walker’s decision and suggested she contact the township’s Board of Zoning Appeals. “Get a hold of Doug Price (BZA chair),” he told her. “He ought to be able to help you.”

Hart called The Beacon on June 23 after doing some research on how Carte could appeal the zoning permit decision. He learned after talking with the county prosecutor’s office that Carte couldn’t appeal the decision since she doesn’t have “standing” in the issue. Hart learned appeals are limited to the applicant, property owner and adjacent property owners. Though Carte lives nearby, she isn’t an adjacent property owner. Hart said he called Carte to correct the information he gave her Monday night.

Rick Rife, Carte’s husband, also commented Monday night. He complained about the increased traffic on Lake Drive due to the closure of the Avondale Marina to parkers from Papa Boo’s. He said Lake Drive can barely support two lanes of traffic.

Rife said the increased traffic on Lake is due to a new parking place on the former Avondale Park property owned by Paul and Cindy Ripko. “This new parking has upset the whole thing,” Rife told trustees. “How did this become a parking lot overnight?”

Hart noted that a group of Avondale residents, including Carte and Rife, had lost most of their claims to the park property in a 2005 court action. The resident group was given a grant of limited non-exclusive easement to a portion of the property.

“You have specific rights,” Hart told Rife. “If you have an issue with Cindy and Paul’s property you need to speak to them.” He asked Rife if the parking was being done on the portion with the easement. When Rife answered “yes,” Hart said, “I think you have an issue with Cindy and Paul.”

Trustees’ next regular meeting is pushed back to Tuesday, July 5 due to the 4th of July holiday. Their meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the Licking Township Fire Company’s Station 3 on Jacksontown Road (Ohio 13).

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