2010-07-03 / News

Switch to exclusive trash contract will surprise many residents

By Scott Rawdon

UNION TOWNSHIP – Big O Refuse said it was ready to start its three-year contract as Union Township’s exclusive residential trash hauler on July 1.

However, only about half of the township residents covered by the new contract have signed up for the service. Roughly 700 Union Township residents have signed up for trash service, said Big-O Refuse Vice President John Peckskamp. “That’s about half of who will ultimately sign up,” he said. Peckskamp said Big-O would pick up all residents’ trash in the township July 1 regardless of whether the residents have formally registered for service.

Since most township residents were served by Waste Management with a Friday pickup date, that could leave hundreds of full toters along roads for the long holiday weekend.

Big-O was distributing trash containers June 28 through June 30 to those who signed up for the 90-gallon toters. Peckskamp said residents who did not receive containers by June 30 should make sure they are registered for service and contact Big-O Refuse. “We’re not behind with anyone,” he said.

Peckskamp said his experience with Union Township is similar to most other townships switching to a single hauler – many residents won’t sign up with Big-O until they realize their trash isn’t being collected. Also, many assume they’ll receive a container without formally registering with Big-O because their neighbor, who registered, receives a container.

He said Big-O sent 1,700 mailers (which included a letter from trustees) to residents informing them of the change, but Big-O only received 200 registration forms. Residents received the letters about two weeks ago.

“It’s just human nature,” said Peckskamp. Big-O also distributed flyers to all residents. He expects most township residents will be signed up by the end of next week.

Peckskamp encouraged Union Township residents who have not registered to call Big- O at (740) 345-2086, register online at www.bigorefuse.com, or email registration to union@ bigorefuse.com.

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