2010-07-03 / Editorials & Letters

And now a word or two from Tory


I want to thank Gary Matheny for getting the Buckeye Lake Regional Park Manager Tim Waln some big Kroger trash boxes and liners to help keep our parks as trash free as possible on Friday night. This is the second year Gary has done this for us. It is a huge help for Tim and his crew because whatever makes Tim happy should make all of us happy.

What everybody should know is this: If we should ever lose Tim to a transfer or another promotion (which he deserves more than any of you can comprehend) we could be in jeopardy of losing BLASST altogether. I don’t think 99% of you understand how hard he works to organize all the fire, police, water craft people… etc. and the list goes on. Thank you, Tim, my friend, you are the man!

It’s never too late to send a donation to BLASST. Maybe you want to see the show first and then send a donation. Maybe you don’t like me or you don’t like Marnita so you won’t donate. Well then you have a personality problem because it’s not about us. It’s about community spirit and patriotism. It’s about the very essence of our country where we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave because of OUR SERVICE PEOPLE. God bless each and every one (past, present and future) and may they come home safe to their families.

Michele Glen called last week and asked if she could collect donations on the street corner in Millersport. Ha, what are you kidding me? God bless her; she recruited Robin Fink, Greg Groves, Lizzie Bozworth, Janet Scott, Cindy Bales and Ole Blues eyes Eddie Hulls plus his mother George Ann Reiser to help. They collected $1,161.51 in donations and George Ann sold $110 in Red Neck Women cookbooks for total donations of $1271.51. Blow me away!

Now mind you, Michele knows the rules. 1) You have to get our permission. 2) You have to use BLASST hats for collection containers. 3) You can NOT break the seals on the hats. The best part for me was spending some quality time with most of them afterwards while picking up the money. It’s the best time I’ve had since I’ve been home. We need more community minded leaders willing to do this.

The guy who helped put the sound track together put in a surprise to me this year. When I heard it I hit myself in the head and said why didn’t I think of that. Well it’s because I am not a sports fan AT ALL. Listen for it. I think you will be happy and I’m sorry it didn’t happen sooner.

Last but not least, my life this year has been a joy thanks to the relief Marnita has given to me. She has done things with a personal touch, a perky happy spirit. Nothing seems to faze her. Each day I forward her the most time consuming e-mails from people asking questions just to add her plate and she takes it with stride. Marnita’s forte is multi-tasking. She is even hand writing thank you notes to each and every donor on her dime. Marnita you have been a delight to work with as I knew you would be. But I think we are both going to be glad it’s almost done for another year so you can concentrate on the other 72 jobs you do in a day. This community owes you a huge vote of thanks as do I. Thank you babe for giving me a gift of stress free summer time on my golden pond.
Victoria Wolfe
BLASST Co-chair

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