2010-06-26 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• June 16: Two Everett Avenue women began brawling after their sons fought each other.

• June 16: An officer was dispatched to a Walnut Road home where two men were in a shoving match. Neither man filed charges.

• June 16: A Leroy Street woman found a bag full of kittens in a nearby stream. She said the kittens were still alive and rescued.

• June 17: A Highland Avenue woman said an acquaintance threatened to shoot her. The acquaintance was advised to stay away from her.

• June 18: A West 3rd Street man said someone broke out one of his home’s front windows.

• June 20: A Seymour Avenue woman drove her truck into a fence. Upon arrival, an officer found she was under the influence of alcohol. She was charged with OVI and failure to control her vehicle.

• June 20: A Walnut Road man said his ex-wife’s new boyfriend was harassing him over the phone.

• June 21: A Renner Street woman hit at least one mailbox with her car, but didn’t stop at the accident scene. A witness informed police of the incident, and an officer found the car and later the driver. She was charged with failure to control and not stopping after an accident.

Hebron • May 29: Police on patrol at 1:15 a.m. saw a young woman walking up South High Street. Police asked her for an ID, but she didn’t have one. She identified herself and said she was 17 so she was violating the curfew. She told police she was heading to the Duke station to meet a friend for the night. Police then saw a slow moving vehicle go by the Duke station. The driver was the girl’s mother who said she left home complaining about the lack of attention from her father. Her mother wanted her to come home and police told her she had to go with her.

• May 30: Police stopped a vehicle on Refugee Road for a marked lanes violation. Police eventually added an O.V.I. charge as well.

• May 30: Police were called about a possible fight with a broken window reported at a Ladwood Drive apartment. Two young people there said there was no argument and that one of them had kicked a soccer ball, breaking the window.

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