2010-06-26 / Editorials & Letters

Leave if you can’t enjoy nature


Why all of a sudden are the swans an enemy on Buckeye Lake? They have coexisted with the residents until this recent issue.

The Heimrich/Gerling family acted too harshly, along with the ODNR (Gary Ludwig) to rid the yard of the swan family and eggs. They could have made some adjustments to accommodate what could have been a wonderful experience.

It now appears that they want to make trouble for the remaining swans. So what if they are a non-native species. The Canada Goose would act no differently in the same situation, but no one would dare kill one of them or disturb their nest since it’s illegal to kill them.

So now we have an “off with their heads” mentality running rampant across this lake. We think that if you can’t take the swans, then you should leave this lake. If you can’t enjoy what God has provided, then you do not belong in this environment.

Where will this stop?
Friends of the Swans
Judy Williams
Robert and Beth Hoskinson
Harbor Hills

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