2010-06-26 / Editorials & Letters

Family thanks community


We are writing to tell everyone how blessed we are to live here. We apologize for the delay in getting this letter written, but please be assured we have not forgotten or taken for granted anything that has been done for our family.

Our family recently lost our 19-yearold daughter, Gabrielle, in a car accident. From the moment the word was out, people from Millersport and surrounding communities have extended such love and blesings to our family. Anonymously, people quickly stepped up bringing food, paying for the grave plot, paying for the opening and closing, taking care of the footer for the headstone, paying for the headstone and helping with other bills and expenses.

Our family moved to Millersport just over four years ago. Millersport and the surrounding communities – Fairfield Beach, Thurston, Plesantville, Baltimore, Kirkersville and even into Lancaster plus some we don’t even know about have embraced our family as though we have been here all our lives. We cannot begin to list the names of everyone that has done so much for us for fear that we may leave out a name. We want to thank the Millersport Fire Department and EMS for their response to the scene. Thank you to everyone involved in planning, contributing to and conducting Gabrielle’s Benefit and to all those who attended. Thanks to everyone who sent flowers, mailed cards and donated food, money and services.

Our hearts are overwhelmed by the goodness of all those who have done so much for our family and we are so blessed to be a part of the greatest community in the world. Please accept our heartfelt thanks. Please continue to pray for our family as we continue to pray for each of you.
Forever Grateful,
Chris, Amy, Sadie, Jonah, and Isaac

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