2010-06-12 / News

APVs now require licenses

COLUMBUS – Effective June 7, 2010, all purpose vehicles (APVs) will be required to have a license plate and registration sticker.

The license plate and registration sticker are permanent and must remain with the vehicle, displayed in plain sight. A $34.75 registration fee will be collected for the issuance of a three year registration. All registrations are for three years and expire on Dec. 31, in the third year after the date of issuance. Application for renewal of a registration may be made no earlier than 90 days prior to expiration. An Ohio Certificate of Title must be presented to register an off-highway motorcycle or APV.

APV license plates are embossed with a “bright orange,” five character combination with APV vertically on the left side of a typical motorcycle size “Beautiful Ohio,” plate design.

APV owners will be required to replace their APV decal with an APV license plate with any transaction until all decals have been replaced. Any current decals remain valid until their expiration, when they must be replaced with an APV license plate.

Registration certificates for snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, mini-bikes, and trail bikes will continue to be accompanied by an alphanumeric decal that is applied to the vehicle. No registration is required for APV’s that are used primarily for agricultural purposes when the owner qualifies for the current agricultural use valuation tax credit, unless it is to be used on any public land, trail, or right-of-way.

APV License Plates do not entitle the rider to operate the APV on public roadways. Laws regarding operation of APV’s have not changed.

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