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It’s crunch time for BLASST


Well, it’s crunch time for the BLASST. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tory, who upon her return, instantly stepped back in and helped me out.

I was absolutely slammed last week and she continued the flow of Letters to the Editor. Thank you, TORY! I’ll continue to include this as I know some weekenders don’t read the paper every week…the fireworks are on FRIDAY, July 2nd.

The BLASST has always recognized the “early birds” ………..those who thought of us before we even had a chance to ask. This year we had some generous donations dating back to February and those were: Lake Takes and More, VFW Ladies Auxiliary 1388, and Helen Bercaw. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our letters are going out this week. Can you believe our mailing list is just a little over 700 folks and over 50,000 twinkling eyes enjoy this show??? We need the support of this community. With everyone feeling the financial woes, it’s going to take “a little from a lot”. We can’t continue to ask “a lot from the few.”

As we have stated year after year, we need your donations to keep BLASST alive. Your generous contributions are tax deductible. Please mail us a check payable to BLASST, at 13284 West Bank Rd., Millersport, OH 43046. We know that many of us are struggling financially; finding extra money right now may be difficult so any size of donation will be gratefully accepted.

Our T-Shirts are amazing!! For those who have not purchased a t-shirt in the past, it’s our fundraising effort that commemorates each year of the BLASST. A special design is created displaying our theme and what a great way to show your love for this country.

Special thanks to Chris at Tech Wear for getting these done so quickly! Our sales outlets will have their t-shirts on Friday morning: Buckeye Lake Place - 740-605-8924, Buckeye Lake Marina - 740-467-2697, The Pizza Cottage - 740-928-1144, Millersport General Store - 740-467-2500, and The Beachcomber - 740-467-2272. Buckeye Lake Place and Buckeye Lake Marina will carry youth sizes. Quantities are ordered on what we sold last year, so don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your t-shirt.

Part of our wonderful tradition at Buckeye Lake is lighting the lakefront. A few years ago we were fortunate to stumble across luminaries with red bags. Although it was a bit of a job getting them out, there was very little worry of any accidents, especially with small children. The company that sold those red bags is no longer in business.

So we have stepped back to the red flares. Seeing the lake lit up like a big birthday cake is part of this beautiful celebration. However, we do ask that you use extreme caution, particularly around small children and anything combustible. Flares may be purchased at the Buckeye Lake Hardware - 740-928-4700, Millersport Hardware - 740-467-2500 and Buckeye Lake Place - 740-605-8924. It might be a good idea to call ahead and order the quantity you need to cover your waterfront.

Community members, I took this job on to serve this community. If you have a suggestion, a question or just want to offer some help, feel free to contact me at blasst@roadrunner.com or Marnita Swickard at 740-246-5525. You may have to leave a message, but I will get back you.
Marnita Swickard
Tory Wolfe
Co-chairs of the BLASST

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