2010-05-29 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 19: An officer was dispatched to a Harbor Hills woman’s home where she said she received an extremely threatening phone call. The call was traced to two juveniles who admitted to prank calling the woman. The juveniles were ordered to apologize to the woman in writing.

• May 20: Police were called to a domestic dispute at a Hebron Road residence. The resident said her ex-husband had come to the door intoxicated, threatening, and was unwilling to leave until shortly before police arrived. She was advised to call police immediately if her ex-husband returned.

• May 23: A Walnut Road woman said an acquaintance’s son swerved his car toward her in a threatening manner. She wanted the incident on record.

• May 23: A West 4th Street man said someone stole several items from his home.

• May 23: A North Bank Road man said someone stole several items from his vehicle.

• May 23: A Walnut Road man was cited for driving over a traffic sign.

• May 24: A Lake Street woman was found walking along the road intoxicated. A Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy assisted police. The woman became increasingly uncooperative and belligerent toward the officers. She was warned she’d go to jail if she didn’t cooperate, to which she dared them to do so, using several expletives. She was arrested and taken to jail.

• May 25: A Pataskala man said several items were stolen from a home he owns in Buckeye Lake.


• April 7: A Kelly Drive woman complained about her next door neighbor’s kids cutting across her lawn. Police spoke with the children’s mother.

• April 7: Police were dispatched to a report of a fight in a stairwell at a Lakewood Drive apartment complex. Police found two brothers in a confrontation over a debt. There were no visible injuries. Their mother sent one of them to stay with his grandmother.

• April 7: A Newark Street man wanted police to document an incident where a party goer at his neighbor’s house drove a truck through his backyard.

• April 9: Police on patrol at 3:55 a.m. saw a vehicle with six occupants. Police initially lost the vehicle, but then saw it again heading south on Ohio 79. Police asked the Licking County Sheriff’s Office for assistance since it was leaving the village. Police were asked to follow the vehicle until a deputy arrived to stop it on Cristland Hill Road. The 17-yearold driver was charged with OVI. One occupant said they attempted to avoid police in Hebron because they were out after curfew. All the subjects were taken to the Heath Police Department.

• April 9: A Thornville man reported a hit and run accident at Main and 8th streets the previous evening.

• April 9: A Greenbriar Lane woman said someone took her debit card and used it in Buckeye Lake. She also reported that a named person took $1,5000 from her home, but then wasn’t sure if he stole it or she just misplaced it.

• April 9: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $10 worth of gas.

• April 10: Police assisted a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy conduct a BAC test at the police station. The driver blew a .124.

• April 10: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Lake Forest Drive home at 6:51 a.m. The resident said she let her dogs out before turning off the alarm.

• April 10: Police were called at 7:47 p.m. about a fire behind the Lakewood Drive apartments. Three juveniles said they thought a small campfire was OK. The fire was put out and police contacted their parents.

• April 10: Police were called to a 2nd Avenue address on a report of juveniles setting a mower on fire. They told police they had traded for the mower. Then the muffler fell off and they spilled oil on the deck which then caught on fire.

• April 11: A driver was cited for going 66 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• April 11: Police were dispatched to an active domestic dispute on South Street. A other got into an argument with his sister over a food stamp card. A third party told the brother to settle down. The brother then allegedly hit the peacemaker, knocking him unconscious. The brother was arrested for assault and taken to jail.

• April 12: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident told police a named person may come by and mess with her vehicle. When asked why this was going to happen, she said the suspect sister owes her money and has not paid her. She requested additional police patrols.

• April 12: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident said a named Newark woman used his name to get electricity. He was told to file a report with Newark Police.

• April 12: A Newark man reported the theft of tools from a vehicle parked at the Lakewood Drive apartments.

• April 13: A Kelly Drive man returned to his vacant home and reported that a small flat screen TV was missing. There were no signs of forced entry.

• April 13: A Buckeye Lake woman said her 15-year-old son was assaulted by another juvenile at Canal Park. Police located the suspect and meet with both boys and their parents. The complainant decided not to press charges.

• April 14: A woman cam e to the police station to report that several of her children tried to kidnap her n the Kroger parking lot.

• April 14: A Lakewood school bus driver told police that a van had passed the bus while it was stopped. Police gave the driver a warning.

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