2010-05-29 / Editorials & Letters

Grounded swan may need winter home


After reading the letter Sharon McGraw-Hines wrote to the Beacon, I wanted to say, “Thank you.” You put into words what most everyone out here was thinking, so God Bless you for doing so.

I read that Sam was safe as long as he didn’t attack any boaters or swimmers, since his wing was clipped and he can’t fly, I was wondering how he could do this. Someone must have bought them for pets but clipping their wings should not be allowed. It should be against the law. It’s very sad to see the other swans come and fly away and poor Sam is paddling as fast as he can to try and follow them, but of course he can’t do it so he is left behind.

That’s two injustices that have been done to a beautiful bird. I worry what will become of him when winter comes and all of the people that are just here for the summer are gone. I think whoever had his wing clipped should come forward and give him a home.
Bonnie Kestella
Shell Beach

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