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Township lists tentative summer road projects

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN – Speeds won’t be coming down on Licking Trails Road, Licking Township Trustee Dave Miller told Jon Lynch Monday night.

Last month Lynch asked trustees to slow down traffic on the road. A paving and widening project in 2002 or 2003 as touted as a safety improvement, Lynch said, but now the former chip & seal road is a mile run. Trustees agreed to erect some “Children Playing” signs and got them up within a couple of days. Trustees also agreed to see what they could do to reduce the standard 55 mph limit on rural roads.

Miller and Lynch both discussed the situation with ODOT and Miller brought it up with county transportation officials. A traffic survey is a key element in determining whether a speed limit change is warranted. Miller said Licking Trails didn’t meet two of the four criteria to initiate a traffic survey – a minimum of five preventable crashes in the past year and a traffic count of at least 200 vehicles a day.

Lynch expressed his disappointment with the policy, asking why wait until there are fives crashes in one year. “Everything is reactive, rather than proactive,” he said. Lynch thanked trustees for their efforts and their quick installation of the signs. “I wish all the roads were 45 mph,” Miller added. “We’ve got to follow the guidelines.” President Joe Hart asked Miller if the township could borrow a county-owned speed monitor to show Licking Trails drivers how fast they are going.

As promised, Miller distributed his preliminary road repair list for this summer’s resurfacing work. “These are the ones I feel we should look at,” he explained. “These are all subject to change.

In most cases, he expects to use one inch thick asphalt, though in several cases the base would be dug up and then replaced. The roads are:

• Two 60 feet long sections of Roley Hills Road;

• A small area on Edge Water Beach road;

• Avon Place - 150 feet heading west from West View Place;

• All of Terrace/Hill Top Avenue;

• Dead end section of Lancaster Avenue;

• The horseshoe portion of Zanesville Avenue;

• Dover Place – possibly dig up the base and eplace.

• All of Arden Place; • Patch Wild Wood Place; and

• Wilshire Drive.

Trustees will review Miller’s list and will then take their combined list to the county engineer’s office to develop bid specifications. Hart wants to ask the Evans Foundation whether they intend to pave the former railroad crossings this year. The removal of the rail line damaged several township roads and trustees have been doing temporary repairs while the courts decide whether the foundation can extend its bike trail to US 40.

Two weeks ago, trustees unanimously approved an amended change to the township’s zoning resolution following a public hearing.

The amendment proposed by the Zoning Commission addresses the formal of the resolution, not the specific content. “The old text was handwritten and photocopied,” Zoning Commission Chair Dale Wise explained. The new electronic format will make it easier to change.

“I had problems with the blank pages,” resident Larry Gerlach told trustees. “Maybe I’m just gun shy from the last proposal.”

Hart proposed an amended version. Each page will include an adopted and effective dates on the bottom of each page. A statement – “No language as of 5/3/10” will be added to all blank pages that reference future articles.

Trustee Ron Acord presented the April fire report for Chief Mike Wilson. The fire company had 87 runs in the month – 64 EMS and 21 fire. The company provided mutual aid 20 times and received it 12 times.

Zoning Inspector Joe Walker had nothing to report, but Miller suggested that future zoning complaint be made in writing and be signed. “People are quite reluctant to put their name on it,” he said. Trustees didn’t take action on his suggestion.

After an executive session, trustees returned and unanimously approved a 50¢ per hour increase for both road workers retroactive to April 1. Trustees earlier in the year approved a 50¢ per hour increase for part-time paid fire company employees.

During public comments, a Wilshire Drive resident asked about the status of repairs to the street after it was damaged by a new home contractor. Miller said the contractor – Wayne Homes – agreed to pay $1,500 to repair the street, but has failed to fall through. “We’re getting nowhere with Wayne Homes,” he added. Repairs to the street will be part of the summer resurfacing project.

Trustees’ next regular meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Monday, June 7 in the Licking Fire Company Station 3 on Jacksontown Road.

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