2010-05-22 / Editorials & Letters

Students plead for levy approval


As students at Lakewood High School, this levy is very important to us. The fate of this levy is the fate of our future. If the school is unable to get this levy passed, our futures are uncertain. We would no longer be promised a quality education. We would no longer have anything to look forward to after-school.

We would eventually lose everything we have worked for here at Lakewood these past ten years and voters can save it by voting YES. We want a chance to continue to shine at Lakewood. We don’t want to leave this behind, but if you don’t vote YES, that may be our only option.

To the people who voted YES, we would like to thank you. It’s the people like you that are keeping our hopes up that this levy will get passed and all of our hard work and all of your hard work has paid off.

To the people voting no, may we ask you why? Why don’t you want our future to be bright? Why do you not want us to be able to go to school and have activities to look forward to? Why do you not want us to wake up everyday knowing things will be okay?

Finally, to the people not voting, we need you. We need your votes. We still have a chance to change the no voters and we know we can get the non-voters to the polls. 200 votes! That’s all we lost by – 200 votes. We know that there are 200 people out there that didn’t vote, and that could have been the difference in this levy. That could have been the difference in our future.

So all you no voters and non-voters, you still have a chance at being the voters that keeps our hopes up; all you need to do is vote YES. With the way this levy looks, it could come down to a single vote. Make it your vote. Be able to say “I saved Lakewood.” We need your help. All of you. This is a do or die situation. Our future’s in you hands. It’s up to you.

We would like to close with a quote from Dr. Seuss that we have heard so many times during the course of Seussical the Musical from Miss Fickle: “ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.” And it’s true.

It’s now your time to care. Please?...
Kayla Gowdy and Brittany Henry

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