2010-05-22 / Editorials & Letters

Sam returns to family


Several weeks ago I wrote concerning the killing of one of God’s most beautiful creatures, a Mute Swan, that chose to live on Buckeye Lake. Sam and Samantha made their home in the Snug Harbor area last year and it is my understanding that Sam and the remaining cygnets, now grown, have returned to that area. We treasure them in that area and hope they will stay there.

We share Buckeye Lake with the swans and a multitude of Canada Geese, as well as ducks, raccoons, muskrats, deer and the cats and dogs dropped off by uncaring owners at the end of the road known as Custer’s Point. I do believe the wildlife was here long before we started building the summer cottages of long ago and the more recent large houses and condos that now surround the lake. I guess the swans are considered illegal immigrants by a small number of residents and, like Arizona, we need to rid ourselves of them before they overrun us. Hmm, did I mean the swans or those residents? Do I have a choice?

I appreciate all who have spoken up in defense of our wild life and feel that we will not have to worry about this tragedy happening again. We are not always a silent majority and don’t forget it, ODNR and Fairfield County Wildlife officials. We vote and you will be asking for money sooner or later.
Barbara Floyd
Snug Harbor

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