2010-05-15 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

•April 25: A Walnut Road woman said three male subjects assaulted her son. There were several witnesses who supported the son’s description of events. The three males were charged with assault in juvenile court.

•April 28: A Duke station employee reported $30.07 in gasoline was stolen.

•May 1: A Newark man was cited for driving the wrong way on Union Avenue, a one way street.

•May 1: A Newark woman said her sister, who lives in Buckeye Lake, may have sexually abused her son.

•May 1: A Walnut Road woman was charged with child endangerment after her young daughter was found wandering unattended.

•May 2: A Millersport man was cited for running a red light at Mill Dam Road.

•May 7: A Walnut Road man said someone stole a laptop computer from his home.

•May 9: Two juveniles were charged with vandalism after they were seen throwing rocks at a Union Avenue home.

•May 9: An officer was dispatched to locate a white Chevy that was “weaving all over the road.” The driver, a Millersport man, failed field sobriety tests and was charged with OVI.

•May 10: A North Street woman said someone stole several items from her home.

•May 11: A Slocum Avenue man said someone stole a bicycle from his garage.


• April 1: A North 7th Street woman reported that someone had written two bad checks on her account.

• April 1: A Broadway Street apartment resident reported that she was approached in the complex courtyard by a woman that she has a protection order against. Police were unable to find a protection order against the 64-year-old woman.

• April 2: A Thornville woman said her vehicle was struck in the Kroger parking lot.

• April 2: Police checked out a report of gunshots in the Maple Avenue area. They didn’t find anyone there.

• April 3: An East North Street resident complained about a neighbor’s dogs barking all day. Police asked the owner to let them inside.

• April 3: Police were called to a Greenbriar Lane home on a civil matter. The male half was moving out and wanted several tables. The female half didn’t want to give them up. The male eventually let the femal keep the bed in exchange for the tables.

• April 3: A Lake Forest Drive man reported the theft of a stereo from his vehicle. Police were able to recover the stereo and some other items recently stolen from vehicles.

• April 3: Police were called to a Cumberland Street home on a dispute between neighbors. One father came to the complainant’s home, complaining that his son was making fun of his son. Police advised fathers and the sons to avoid each other.

• April 3: Citations were issued to drivers going 78 mph in a 50 mph zone and 64 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• April 4: Police took a private property accident report in the Kroger parking lot.

• April 4: Police were dispatched to a South High Street home on a report of a domestic dispute. A boyfriend and girlfriend were arguing. There were no signs of violence. The boyfriend left for the night to cool off at his parents’ home.

• April 4: A Lancaster woman told police she got into an argument with her father at an East Main Street home. She said he grabbed her and pushed her into a door. She didn’t have marks on her face, but had a mark on her lower back. Her father said she clawed him in the face and threw a pop can at him. Police couldn’t identify a primary aggressor and asked the prosecutor’s office to review the report.

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