2010-05-15 / News

Public water is flowing to customers

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE – Buckeye Lake Village Service Director Tim Matheny said 100 to 125 customers are now connected to Buckeye Lake Village’s public water distribution system as of Tuesday.

Water became available May 3. He said the village’s goal is for roughly 20 customers to connect per day, and recently that goal is being met most days. Matheny said most customers are paying between $1,000 and $1,500 per connection, and many are making the connection themselves.

Millersport Water Superintendent John Wood – the Village of Millersport supplies bulk water to Buckeye Lake Village – said he’s only noticed an increase in the usage of treatment chemicals and longer water plant pumping cycles as more Buckeye Lake customers begin using Millersport water. Overall, he said, everything’s going smoothly. Wood said many people many not realize that adding Buckeye Lake is doubling Millersport’s customer base. The Millersport system services roughly 1,300 Millersport customers.

While Buckeye Lake doesn’t have quite that many, it does have more commercial customers, who generally use more water. “Everything will be double what we are now,” he said. “They’ve done a good job, over there (in Buckeye Lake) looking into the future.” Wood believes the availability of public water will help Buckeye Lake to expand residentially and commercially particularly because it has plenty of open space near I-70. “The village should really pick up.”

Wood doesn’t expect Millersport to reduce rates for its customers as more Buckeye Lake customers connect. “I’ve never heard anyone discuss lowering rates,” he said, adding that Millersport and Buckeye Lake now have a “long term relationship.” He doubts the Millersport government would want to “rock the boat” by lowering rates for itself and not Buckeye Lake customers.

Wood said he’s working closely with Buckeye Lake Water Tech Toby Miller. “He’s getting run ragged over there with all the people connecting,” said Wood.

In other Buckeye Lake news:

• Buckeye Lake Fire Chief Pete Leindecker told the Buckeye Lake Village Council members during Monday night’s meeting that the fire department paid $3,100 to WW Plumbing to connect two water lines to the department. Other bids were slightly lower, he said, but they did not include necessary permits and plugging the well, which WW Plumbing included in its price.

Leindecker also said the fire department will begin 24-hour shifts so there is always one person on station. Previously, the longest shift was 10 hours, which would often leave the station unstaffed. He explained that each transport requires two medics, meaning that two medics needed to arrive quickly when the station was unattended. If two volunteers didn’t respond, Buckeye Lake would call for mutual aid from another department With someone at the station 24/7, only one qualified volunteer will have to respond to make a run. Leindecker expects the additional shifts will reduce the need for mutual aid.

• Buckeye Lake Director of Development Valerie Hans said Union Township would begin spraying for mosquitoes soon. Spraying will start at 1 a.m., beginning Friday, May 21, then May 28, and will continue every other Friday thereafter.

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