2010-05-15 / News

Drop off unwanted drugs

LANCASTER – The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the Fairfield County Soil and Water Conservation District, is sponsoring a Prescription Drug Collection Event this Saturday.

It’s an effort to reduce existing drug problems and some of the resulting water quality issues currently facing Fairfield County. Lancaster Fairfield County Litter Prevention and Recycling, and Violet Township are providing assistance. The event will be held at the Violet Township Garage located at 490 N. Center St., Pickerington, from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 15.

This drug collection gives residents the opportunity to safely dispose of their outdated or no longer needed prescription medications, either their own personal medications or those of others. “This is an opportunity for our residents to safely dispose of unwanted or illegal drugs,” Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen explained.

Pharmaceuticals are now being considered as possible candidates to be listed as contaminants when water quality checks are complete for local water supplies. According to Tony Vogel, Fairfield County Utilities Director, “This is because conventional water treatment does not remove drugs, hormones, etc. from water.” Also, many opiatebased medications are finding their way into the wrong hands. This is causing negative health circumstances to occur to those who take them. It also has lead to an increase in crime in the county, especially burglaries.

Materials being accepted at the collection event include prescription pills, capsules, liquids, creams, gels, ointments, patches, suppositories, powders, syringes, and IVs. No aerosol or inhalers will be accepted.

Participants are asked to black out the name on the bottle or remove the label before dropping off any materials. If other medications or “street drugs” are discovered, you may dispose of them with no questions asked.

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