2010-05-15 / Editorials & Letters

Voters thanked for supporting library levy


On behalf of the Friends of Buckeye Lake Library, I want to thank voters for approving the one mill Licking County Library levy last week. Thanks to your “YES” votes, our libraries, including the branches in Buckeye Lake and Hebron, will be able to replace some of the funds they have lost due to state budget cuts in the last two years.

I am particularly proud of the vote in Buckeye Lake. While the vote in Buckeye Lake Precinct B mirrored the county-wide percentage – 50.5 percent “FOR” and 49. 5 percent “AGAINST” (vote tally of 140-137), Precinct A gave the much needed levy a huge boost, voting 63.9 percent “FOR” and just 36.1 percent “AGAINST” (vote tally of 131-74).

Approval of the levy means that some cuts in operating hours and purchases of lending material will be restored. Your usage of our very young library continues to grow.

Our Friends organization will continue to be responsible for the library’s building and its maintenance. We appreciate your support of our continuing fundraising activities. Next up is our Inaugural 5K Walk on Saturday, June 26. Watch The Beacon for a registration form or visit www. friendsofthebuckeyelakelibrary. org/Inaugural_5K_Walk.html for more information.

Thanks again for your “YES” votes.

Pam Reed, President Friends of Buckeye Lake Library

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