2010-05-15 / Editorials & Letters

Reader shocked by swan killing


It has taken time, since first reading “ODNR Sentences Swans to Death,” to be able to come to grips with the reality of this atrocity! I am shocked, sickened, grappling with denial and, yes, grieving this wanton slaughter. It is incomprehensible to me to try to accept the deaths of Samantha and her two unborn cygnets.

What kind of sick, demented, cold, callous, black hearted, dark soul(s) would choose the deaths of these beautiful creatures over her ability “to complete her yard work?” And “weekenders” at that! How shallow, uncaring and materialistic can anyone be?

Shortly after Sam and Samantha’s arrival at Buckeye Lake, when the final snows had melted, the weather started to warm, and folks were able to get outside to walk around the lake, there was an air of excitement and joy as total strangers passed and would ask, “Have you seen the swans yet?” New life and a breath of Spring! Sam and Samantha brought great joy to the residents of Buckeye Lake.

These beautiful, regal, graceful and majestic creatures were the highlight of my beautiful (7 & 8 year old) granddaughters’ visits to grandma’s house. We saved bread to carry to feed them. These gentle creatures would glide to water’s edge to meet the children (with or without food). How can I explain this ugliness to the children? Truth is, I won’t expose them to such cruelty and selfishness.

Are migratory birds supposed to know when they have crossed over the border from Canada? Has anyone told them what a murderous society the US has become ... where people choose seasonal yard work over the beauty and wonder of nature?

And why come to the lake at all, if one is more concerned with the aesthetics of their yard, than the gift of nature’s visitors from Canada, that brought such beauty to our town?

I would like to know exactly how Samantha and her eggs were “euthanized!” Was this humane euthanization…or a heinous act wrought by the property owner?

Why weren’t Buckeye Lake residents polled about this slaughter, before it happened?

Why couldn’t the swan family have been transferred to a wildlife sanctuary, or other alternatives mentioned in the article?

When did America become a “disposable” society where all is thrown away, like used Kleenex, if not convenient?

Had Sam and Samantha chosen my yard, I would have welcomed them and rejoiced in the miracle of new life.

I am sicked to the core of my soul that any (so-called) human being could take such heinous action against these wonderful creatures. I’m glad they aren’t my neighbors - I certainly never want to know them!

Life happens, and I’m old enough to know that what goes around comes around. So enjoy your yard - Mr. Gerling and Ms. Heimrich and SHAME on YOU! You have turned a joyful experience for residents of Buckeye Lake into a dark nightmare of sadness and loss.
Sharon McGraw-Hines
Buckeye Lake

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