2010-05-08 / Editorials & Letters

Writer sickened by story about destroying Mute swans


I was sickened by the recent story from Buckeye Lake that a neighbor at Fairfield Beach took it upon themselves to dispose of one of the most beautiful creatures that God has given to us.

They spoke to ODNR and received permission to have swans removed from their property. They alleged that the swans were acting aggressively towards them. The swans were nesting on eggs waiting for them to hatch. Of course they were aggressive if approached.

The swans spent last summer in the area of Custer’s Point at Snug Harbor where my home is. I wrote to The Beacon after fireworks were set off immediately east of us and they terrified the swans. That is probably why they changed their nesting location. They are very intelligent birds and they mate for life. They protect their family, unlike some humans. We watched the young grow and all six of them survived only to be orphaned this year by a heartless human.

I wonder why this person moved to the Lake. Certainly not to enjoy its wonderful natural resources which include the birds, geese, fish, deer, raccoon, and many of Gods’ other creatures which contribute to Buckeye Lakes natural beauty. My prayers go out for them in hopes God will grant forgiveness, because I, and I am sure many others, cannot.
Barbara Floyd
Snug Harbor

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