2010-05-08 / Editorials & Letters

Public pressure works


I attended a meeting at the Licking County Commissioners’ office on April 29, concerning the animal shelter. Present were Commissioners Bubb, Feightner, and Smith; the Licking County Cares Group of Heath; and personnel from Zanesville Animal Shelter.

Here are some of the issues covered:

• Disease control at the shelter
• Veterinarians opinions
• Intake of animals
• Spay and neutering
• Adoption of animals
• How the shelter is being

Commissioner Bubb apologized to the people from Zanesville and others for the way they had been treated at the Licking County Animal Shelter in the past.

Paula Evans was appointed as the liaison between the Cares group and tcounty commissioners.

I was impressed to see how cordial everyone was at this meeting. It also proved to me how effective picketing, news media coverage, and the impact citizens from all walks of life supporting this issue have in getting the attention of your county commissioners. I have witnessed and met the different people in the Cares Group. The group consists of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. This group is not only fighting for animals but for all of us that live in Licking County. I am asking the taxpayers of Licking County to find out more about the different issues this group has encountered. After all it’s your check book this group is trying to protect

For more information go to www.lickingcountypac.com.
James Snedden Jr.
St. Louisville

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