2010-05-08 / Editorials & Letters

Lakewood levy defeat dismays writer


As I went to bed last night there was a glimmer of hope that the community would “Do the Right thing” and support the Lakewood Local School District’s Levy campaign. The levy was narrowly passing. But this morning I found out the devastating results, that after the final count…the levy had failed.

I wish to thank the “no” voters for showing their lack of concern for the future of our community by discrediting the importance of an education. Not only will our children not receive the same education that is provided in many other school systems, but they will be limited in vocational training opportunities as well (since the C-TEC levy also failed). I guess our children don’t need a formal education or training to find a good job.

I also want to thank the “no” voters for contributing to the state’s unemployment statistics since they just signed 70 termination letters to the Lakewood staff and teachers.

I also want to thank the “no” voters for allowing our property values to plummet. If you want to sell your home, forget it. Who wants to buy in an area without a good school system? Do you want a home equity loan? Well the value of your house just went down so there will be less money available.

Do you enjoy the arts: A good parade on a holiday or a fun spring musical? Well consider this the “day the music died!”
Cheri Carlton

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