2010-05-08 / Editorials & Letters

‘It is terribly unnerving to be repeatedly menaced by wild animals’


Concerning an article in the April 29th edition of The Buckeye Lake Beacon, I am compelled to respond briefly.

The most heinous untruth is that I “tried to drive the swans away from their new nest with a lawn mower and string trimmer.” FALSE. I never approached the swans with my mower or trimmer other than mowing and trimming at the water’s edge. In fact, the swan tending the nest continually came after me in attack mode (wings arched back, head low), and I was forced to flee in fear for my safety. Furthermore, the swimmer aggressively charged at me frequently as I pushed the mower to the water’s edge in the normal course of mowing. It is terribly unnerving to be repeatedly menaced by wild animals.

It has been mentioned that the swans were trying to protect their nest. The swans invaded and took over our property - a property that has been my home since I was born. My brother and I are much, much more than “city dwellers” as your article would have readers believe.

Finally, is it ever a good idea to harbor and keep wild animals as pets, especially in such a heavily populated area? Culpability is yours when those wild animals become a danger to someone else.
Christine Heimrich
Shell Beach/Columbus

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