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Big Changes for Sweet Corn Festival

New office building replaces old trailers
by Scott Rawdon

MILLER - Some change is definitely for the better, even for an event as steeped in tradition as the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival. Festival Security Chairman Steve Stover explained the festival grounds faced two problems: first, its stage productions were getting bigger, better and required more seating as the festival attracted more famous acts, and the trailers that house the festival offices became so old that someone’s foot broke through a floorboard. The solution to both problems was to tear down the old trailers and build a new office facility for the festival.

“The trailers were pretty much falling apart on us,” said Stover. Tearing them down would provide more space for seating near the stage, and a new facility’s advantages would be plainly obvious to anyone who’s spent time in the old trailers. He said the old trailers were locked shut the vast majority of the year. Rain leaked in and their wood was rotting.

So, early this spring, the bulldozers came out and the old trailers came down as a new year round office facility sprang up behind them, further away from the stage. The new facility, which should be complete by the end of May, will house all the festival operations offices, have a 26 feet by 34 feet open meeting area, storage area in the off season, a sheriff’s substation, and even room for some Millersport Lions Club functions.

While Stover declined to comment on the price of the new facility, he assured that it would have nothing more than absolutely necessary. In fact, its floors will probably be bare concrete this year.

“There’s always a ton of work to be done on the festival grounds,” said Stover. The grounds are very important to the community as more than 80 organizations depend on the festival to raise the majority of their operating capital for the year.

Plus, “I think people like to see change,” said Stover. The old trailers were obviously far past their prime, and he said the new facility would help the nationally known Millersport Sweet Corn Festival to prepare for a bright future.

Photos by Scott Rawdon Photos by Scott Rawdon

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