2010-04-24 / Editorials & Letters

Writer supports Smith for commissioner


On Election Day, May 4th, my wife Doris and I will vote to reelect Doug Smith as our Licking County Commissioner. I would ask you to join us.

I have known Doug Smith for years as a family man, small business owner, Harrison Township Trustee for seven terms, and now as our County Commissioner. Doug’s reputation is that of a man who listens, who can be trusted to make good decisions, and who knows how to work with people and manage local government. I believe his conservative nature is an asset.

As a fellow veteran, I respect Doug’s service in the U. S. Air Force, and his dedication to veterans’ causes and the rights that we fought to defend.

Time and time again I have seen Doug Smith take on tough issues, and make positive changes. He is not the typical politician who worries about re-election. Instead he is a man who worries about doing what’s right for the next generation.

Doug Smith, many years ago, earned my respect and that of my family. I believe he deserves our votes in the May Primary and our continued support in November, as well.
Frank E. Laughlin

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