2010-04-24 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says Lakewood levy will cost more than estimates


The new Lakewood levy will generate $36 million dollars district wide during the 10 year period. $31 million dollars of the $36 million will go towards salaries, around 85% according to Lakewood officials.

I don’t have a problem with people making a living, but back in February of this year, the district received $162,000 from the latest federal government stimulus program of which all of the $162,000 of that money went towards salaries, all of it.

Also the Licking County auditor’s office admitted back in February of this year that they overcharged the residents within the Lakewood School District, billing some, adding to others, taxes that were not supposed to be collected in the first place.

The district says that a $100,000 property will only pay $300.00 per year extra with this new levy. That is still $3,000 over the 10 year period extra. If your home happens to appreciate at an average of 4% per year, guess what, you will pay the 40% extra on top of that.

The county has their own set way of determining the value of your property, so you will pay more than $300.00 per year on the above $100,000 home, since the county always seem to compute that your home goes up in value every year, no matter what kind of market conditions exist. So plan on paying before the 10 year period is up, double the proposed amount per resident.
Charlie Strain

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