2010-04-24 / Editorials & Letters

Wood endorsed for Perry County Commissioner


In the game of politics, talk is cheap.

That’s why when a politician says he is a member of a group or organization, I always ask what does that mean? Is he an active member or does he just write a check during election season? If they lose will they still be supportive? Writing a check is one thing. Doing a good job is another.

When it comes to the Democratic Forum, we do not endorse in a primary. So I will give you my personal endorsement, not that of my organization. When it comes to the May 4th primary I will be casting my vote for Lonnie Wood for county commissioner. I will be voting for Lonnie because he has the true experience out county needs. Lonnie has worked very hard to keep this county fiscally responsible during these tough economic times. He works hard for this county each and every day. Not just in an election year.

Lonnie has helped secure 34 miles of water line for rural customers in conjunction with Burr Oak. He has been instrumental in the upgrade of our 911 systems. Lonnie is dedicated, accessible, caring, and works full time as a County Commissioner. Perry County needs someone who works hard for us and not his or her own self-interest.

I am proud to say that I will be casting my vote for Lonnie Wood.
Justin Nelson
President of the Perry County
Democratic Forum

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