2010-04-24 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Lakewood


The Ohio Supreme Court has declared that the way in which our schools are funded is unconstitutional yet the General Assembly has ignored their findings. In the meantime our school districts struggle to balance their budgets.

The Lakewood School District has put an Emergency Operating Levy on the May 4th ballot. I have two students currently in the district and value the education they both are receiving.

Extra-curricular activities have been an important part of my older son’s development along with the advanced courses offered at the high school to prepare him for college. It makes me sad to think that my young son may not have the same opportunities.

The operating levy is about more than just losing extra-curricular activities at the high school level. The district will lose just as much at the elementary school level. There would no longer be art, gym or music for these students. The school day for Kindergarten through sixth grade would be only 5 hours.

As a parent in the district, I see no current signs of waste. Our school district is fortunate to have wonderful support from parents, grandparents, alumni, school staff, and community members. My husband and I are fully supporting the proposed operating levy.

Please consider voting FOR our children (our future leaders) and our community on May 4th.
Lori Toskin
Licking Townshp

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