2010-04-24 / Editorials & Letters

Condolences to Walnut Township citizens


The fall elections are in the distant past, and the Walnut Township Trustee recount reconfirmed the second trustee winner. Congratulations and condolences are long overdue.

Congratulations to Terry Horn, who with his 996 votes, was the run-away leader in the seven way race for two trustee positions in Walnut Township. In the seven way race for two open seats, I would not have thought a non-incumbent would gain a trustee position. However, through his printed media that came in the advertising bags, Terry made himself clear on several issues, and offered suggestions on others. With the second place finisher getting three hundred votes less at 573, it seemed the township was ready for a new face that offered some rational thinking, fresh ideas and/or solutions. Since being seated, I understand Terry has made some positive suggestions on the board in the area of increased communications with residents, and community groups.

Condolences, however, go to the citizens of Walnut Township who have to endure another four years with a re-elected incumbent trustee. Incumbent Dupler received 573 votes. It is too bad that the other 2010 votes were split the way they were: Yates (572), Slater (553), Whitaker (526) and Thompson (360). Had one less candidate run, at least 360 (maybe more) votes would have produced a different winner. It seems that we will have to endure four more years of fire department/contract hassles and a continued bad attitude toward individuals connected with the same.

Maybe in four years we can have just three persons run for the two trustee positions and not have those 2010 votes wasted.
Tom Tweedle
North Bank

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