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BLASST theme suggestions pouring in; show set for July 2


July 2nd is just around the corner, and the BLASST is moving forward!

I want to thank everyone who suggested themes for this year. I never thought we would receive more than 30 suggestions. I want to share some with you before we let the winner out of the bag.

Here are just a few: Lights over Buckeye Lake, Freedom over Buckeye Lake, Go 4th on the Lake, Friendship Festival, There is a BIG!! BANG FOR OUR BUCK-eye Lake State Park Fireworks this year. Come on out it’s going to be a BANGING TIME!!!, Independence Day Celebration, Buckeye Lake Star Spangled Celebration, Red, White and BlueFest “ Fireworks, BLASST off at the Lake, Tribute to our Troops BLASST 2010, BLASST Away on the Lake, The LAST BLASST we miss you Tory, BLASST One Name One LEGEND!, BLASST from the Past, What a BLASST!”, Light the Lake 2010”, Dancing through the Decades, Thunder over Buckeye Lake, Harborfest, and It’s a Waterfront BLASST.

As you can see quite a few people participated. THANK YOU!! I’ll share more next week, and by then we will have chosen a winner! Again, I want to also thank Tory Wolfe for her generous offer to personally pay the prize money for the winning theme. The $500 prize is NOT being paid out of your bighearted donations for our annual fireworks show.

Please mark your calendars! Our fireworks show will be on Friday, July 2 this year. Yes, we know some of you aren’t happy that the show isn’t on July 4th. But as Tori has explained a number of times that just isn’t possible.

Our show is a collaborative effort, relying on the combined assistance of local fire and police departments, the Fairfield and Licking County Sheriff’s offices and Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Division of Watercraft. Most of these agencies donate their services. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is our key partner. Our launch site is on state property and our annual show must have their permission.

In a perfect world, all fireworks shows would be on the 4th of July. This is not possible for Columbus’ RED WHITE & BOOM or BLASST. Both are NOT scheduled on the holiday due to the cost and availability of public safety personnel. RED WHITE & BOOM can’t afford the holiday overtime cost for security.

For BLASST, ODNR Park officers and Watercraft officers come from parks all over central Ohio. They must be in their home parks for the actual holiday. The bottom line is that BLASST must work within the confines of our limited financial resources and the availability of ODNR staffing for the most beautiful show on earth right in our own back yards OR have no show at all.

It’s not a perfect world, but nothing is perfect. Thanks to your generous donations, we continue to put on a great show every year. Thank you for your continued support. If you are new to the area, please consider supporting our annual BLASST. Many communities have taken their fireworks completely out of the budget due to lack of funds. Your help is needed. Soon many of you will be receiving letters requesting donations and we will continue writing letters to the editors asking for money. This is your show…..generous donations make it happen. If you have never given to the BLASST, please scrape together some extra money and know that while enjoying the fireworks this year, you helped pay for this great event.
Marnita Swickard

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