2010-04-17 / Editorials & Letters

Writer can’t afford new taxes


It is difficult to ask children to do with less, but many people don’t have money for the basics, let alone a major increase in taxes. With the economy being so unstable, and the tax levy lasting for ten years, I cannot support the additional taxes that WILL push some people into losing their homes and businesses.

Lakewood per pupil expenditures is the second from the highest in Licking County, only exceeded by Granville. Information was found at http://education.ohio.gov per Pupil Expenditures.

If the levy is approved, real estate taxes will increase approximately 19% to 23% of what you currently pay. The increase is $303 per $100,000 of your MARKET VALUE, or $866 per $100,000 of your TAXABLE VALUE on your tax bill, in addition to what you already pay. To find your proposed increase, insert your address at http://www.lcounty.com/OnTrac/ and use the calculator listed under TAX in the grey bar at the top of the page. Where will the retired, disabled and unemployed get the money to pay for the increase? Next January we are also scheduled for an increase in federal income taxes.

Homeowners, business owners, and landlords (landlords pass the increase on to their renters) are already paying real estate taxes higher than they ever imagined possible. People can’t sell their homes to get away from the taxes, so their only option is to lose their homes through foreclosure.

Respectfully, I have to vote No on the proposed Lakewood 9.9 mill levy.
Pat Nielsen-Hartley

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