2010-04-17 / Editorials & Letters

We rely on Lakewood graduates


My wife and I want to lend our support to the Lakewood Schools emergency operating levy. Our district deserves a chance to remain excellent. As a retired teacher with 36 years service and my wife and two sons being graduates of Lakewood, we have benefited from the fine job done by students, parents, teachers and staff at Lakewood. This is a unique area with a real cross- section of people who have come to appreciate the opportunities that come from a good education.

We have always made the most out of the least amount of tax dollars. In all my years of teaching and coaching, I never witnessed any extravagant or wasteful spending. This financial short-fall is not Lakewood’s fault. It is a problem of state funding that will not go away. (Remember that the next time you vote!)

As a senior citizen let me give you a few examples of how I benefit from an excellent school district and my former students. My doctor, dentist, auto technician, appliance repair technician, HVAC tech, recovery room nurse, floor nurse, x-ray tech and countless business and sales people are all Lakewood graduations that I am glad got more than the state minimum for education.

Our superintendent and Board of Education have pledged to use this new money to replace lost personal property tax dollars and to continue to do a good job for our students. I believe them because many were my students and I am confident in their abilities and character.
Jack Maybury

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