2010-04-17 / Editorials & Letters

‘Our schools need additional funding to survive’


I am writing about the Lakewood Schools Emergency Operating Levy. Our family recently moved here from Pickerington. In Pickerington, due to rapid growth, we were frequently asked to approve operating levies for the growing district. This stands in stark contrast to the Lakewood levy situation. LSD has not repeatedly asked for additional money.

HB66 has eliminated a significant source of tax revenue from local businesses. Our schools need additional funding to survive. The levy will replace this funding. Without it, the quality of our schools will suffer. Cuts that will be required if the levy fails can be viewed on the LSD website: http://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us. These cuts will greatly affect our children and adversely affect our property values. I can guarantee you that we would not have bought our house within the LSD if these cuts were being instituted.

LSD has responsibly used the money it has. The district has been awarded the “Making Your Tax Dollars Count” Award from the state for the last two years while still maintaining an “excellent” rating. Your legislature has chosen to move the burden of funding your schools to you, the taxpayer. The school district is not responsible for this change but is suffering the consequences. If you are upset about the cost, write to your legislature. Demand that THEY stop cutting our school’s revenue. It was HB 66 that created the problem. LSD is simply trying to deal with the consequences. Please vote for the issue on May 4th
Joanna S. Reen DVM
Licking Township

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