2010-04-10 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Lakewood levy


The Lakewood school district by no fault of its own has been put in a financial bind due to House Bill 66. This bill has phased out the personal property levy levied on businesses. Lakewood is now facing the loss of $4.4 million in personal property tax revenue per year.

The Ohio Supreme Court has four times declared Ohio’s funding formula unconstitutional, and four times the General Assembly has ignored those rulings.

We cannot sit back and wait until something is done to correct this funding issue. Unfortunately, Lakewood needs help now!

A cut this size to the school district would mean no text book purchases, no bus purchases, a two mile walk radius for students to get to school without busing, elimination of all extra-curricular programs and significant staff cuts.

NO PAY TO PLAY will be implemented due to the elimination of the teachers/ coaches. Teaching staff would be reduced by 42, other staff reduced by 20-30.

I cannot imagine what kind of school will be left for my children to attend. cannot imagine them not having the opportunity to get involved in other activities to learn life long talents and lessons. Sports, drama, band, and clubs are an important part of their development, particularly their creative development. . Having state minimum classes each day with no change day after day after day, will increase the drop out rate and encourage families to leave athe area.

Lakewood is a successful district with an “excellent’ rating from the State of Ohio. Sport teams have won state championships and Lakewood graduates have excelled in many fields. We have always rallied around our children. Once again they need our support. Lets show the children in our community that they are our future and we care about their education.

Without a strong school system, property values will fall. New families will look elsewhere and rental property will be left unrented. Our thriving community as we know it now will cease to exist.

Please consider the consequences of your vote before you vote on May 4th. We need to support our children and school district and realize what not having strong schools will do, and how it will affect both businesses and homeowners..

Please also consider letting those in the state legislatures know how you feel about House Bill 66. Their lack of support for our schools has brought us to this situation.
Beverley Blamey

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