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Animal shelter rally set for April 10


According to public records, Licking County dog pound office manager John Silva was sent to training classes for Euthanasia By Injection (EBI). The cost for the class is $278. I questioned the need for this expense since Mr. Silva (according to his job application) had already been trained in EBI. The answer I got from the Licking County Commissioners’ clerk was that Silva had been trained by the American Humane Society and that they do not keep records beyond eight years.

Commissioners decided he should renew his certificate. It’s apparent that Silva must have lost/misplaced a copy of his certificate and the commissioners are going to call it “renewing his certificate.” But these certificates do NOT expire! Silva was hired at the very top of the scale ($46,000 + $,1000 raise before he had been here a year). Wouldn’t you think he would have had his certificate with him so his new employer could have it on file?! Some office manager!

And after paying for THREE employees ($834) to be trained in EBI, we now hear that the Commissioners are going to have a veterinarian do the EBI!

A public records request also exposed an email from Commission President Tim Bubb to Director/dog catcher Jon Luzio and office manager John Silva. The email said, “Bonnie is one person with one voice...she is not now and never will be a priority.” This isn’t just how the commissioners feel about me; it is also how they feel about each and every ONE of their constituents. Bubb is the president of the Board of Commissioners and speaks for all three of them. I don’t think he expected his true feelings to be exposed in a records request and I’m sure there is much more that was not revealed.

Commissioners Bubb, Smith and Fieghtner must remember that ONE person can quickly become 6,899 (number of fans on Get Rid of the Licking County Gas Chamber on Facebook) and MORE THAN 6,000 people have viewed the YouTube video.

There will be a PEACEFUL rally at the Licking County dog pound on Saturday, April 10th starting at 10 a.m. to promote accountability at our facility and the REMOVAL of the gas chamber. You can either drive by and maybe honk your horn and wave to show your support or stop by and join in. Remember, this will be a PEACEFUL demonstration and anything other than that will not be tolerated.

Another community meeting on the dog pound has been set for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14 in the Heath High School cafeteria. We can make a difference with your help.

Again I ask that when you see Doug Smith’s name at the polls, just say NO to Doug and pick a flower in memory of the animals that died in the county gas chamber. Pick Duane Flowers as the Republican candidate for Licking County Commissioner.
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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