2010-03-27 / Editorials & Letters

Lakewood students need voters’ support


I am writing as a concerned parent, community member and Lakewood Alumni. On May 4th, the Lakewood community will decide the future of OUR school system. I urge readers to please do their research before placing an ‘AGAINST” vote. The children in our community stand to lose crucial educational experiences if the levy fails: elimination of art, music and PE teachers at the elementary level, elimination of ALL extracurricular activities, a loss of almost a third of its teachers, a reduction of the school day to state minimums. Just the reduction in the school day by one hour a day…calculates to five hours a week, approximately 20 hours a month. It sickens me to think of the missed learning opportunities for my children if this happens.

Why do we need your vote? Lakewood (and many schools) had received taxes that local businesses paid on tangible personal property. House Bill 66 has eliminated this tax and the burden is now on the taxpayers of our community.

I AM a parent of two intelligent girls (2nd and 4th grade). I cannot imagine a setting where they do not have the opportunity to learn the arts, to participate in sports, to have a meaningful conversation with a teacher.

I AM a Lakewood alumnus who is proud of the school that provided me with a solid education.

I AM a concerned citizen who is mortified to think that there is a chance that our children will LOSE.

Please vote FOR LAKEWOOD on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Kelly (Schwind) Morrison, Class of 1991


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