2010-03-20 / Front Page

A Breath of Fresh Air

Photos by Scott Rawdon

HEBRON – Jackson and Hebron elementary students are finally enjoying the great outdoors during recess now that spring is here. For Jackson third graders, Tuesday was only their third day this year to play outside in the afternoon and Hebron first graders couldn’t get enough fun in the sun. According to weather.com the Lake Area is definitely finished with snow for March, although anyone who’s lived in the region for many years will remember it’s possible to have two feet of snow in April.

According to suite101. com educational feature writer Barbara Pytel, it is an amazing phenomenon to watch recess times decrease across the nation when there is so much evidence supporting the positive effects of active breaks during the day.

A position paper from the Council on Physical education for Children states, "Recess provides children with discretionary time and opportunities to engage in physical activity that helps to develop healthy bodies and enjoyment of movement.” It also allows elementary children to practice life skills such as conflict resolution, cooperation, respect for rules, taking turns, sharing, using language to communicate, and problem solving in real-life situations.

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