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Threats, bribes & lies

Threats, bribes and lies are some of the tools being deployed by liberal Democrats to coerce fellow Democrats to vote “yes” on the healthcare takeover bill. Yes, it is Democrats pressuring Democrats. That tells you how distasteful this takeover is, even to Democrats.

We thought it couldn’t get any crazier than Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment last week, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Well, we were wrong.

Bret Baier of Fox News interviewed President Obama Wednesday afternoon. He asked Obama several times about the process that now includes “deem and passed” so House members can avoid a direct vote on the Senate version approved last Christmas Eve.

The transcript reads:

Baier: Deem and passed, Senate reconciliation and we don’t know exactly what’s in the fix bill. Do you still think —

Obama: No, we will — by the time the vote has taken place, not only I will know what’s in it, you’ll know what’s in it because it’s going to be posted and everybody’s going to be able to able to evaluate it on the merits.

That may be his most honest answer in the entire interview. Neither Obama nor Pelosi know what’s in the final bill because they don’t know what new “bribes” might have to be added to get their magic 216 “yes” votes. Nor do they know what last minute gyrations might be required to maintain the fiction that it won’t increase the deficit. It already has 10 years of tax increases and Medicare cuts and just six years of so-called “benefits.”

A few minutes later in the interview this exchange took place.

Obama: This notion that this has been not transparent, that people don’t know what’s in the bill, everybody knows what’s in the bill. I sat for seven hours with —

Baier: Mr. President, you couldn’t tell me what the special deals are that are in or not today.

Obama: I just told you what was in and what was not in. Baier: Is Connecticut in?

Obama: Connecticut — what are you specifically referring to?

Baier: The $100 million for the hospital? Is Montana in for the asbestos program? Is — you know, listen, there are people — this is real money, people are worried about this stuff.

Obama: And as I said before, this — the final provisions are going to be posted for many days before this thing passes, but —

Baier must have felt like he was interviewing two different people. On one hand, we’ll know what’s in the bill when it passes and then a few minutes later “the final provisions are going to be posted for many days before this thing passes…”

Both statements can’t possibly be true and since a vote is expected this weekend if 216 votes are rounded up, his statement that it will be “posted for many days” is another promise he will ignore.

As the interview wound down, Obama continued to make common sense-defying statements about the healthcare takeover. Cutting $500 billion from Medicare will actually make it better is one of them.

Baier didn’t mention recent signals from Democrat party leaders that the final bill will also include a federal takeover of the college student loan program. It’s been touted as an efficiency move, but when have we ever seen the federal government administer anything more efficiently than private companies competing with each other. Just look at the Post Office versus UPS and FedEx. And what does it have to do with health care? Absolutely nothing! It’s being included because Democrats realize this is probably their last chance to grab some more power before voters finally get to be heard this November.

Complete federal control of student loans provides a club to beat colleges into the party line. Student loans are the lifeblood for college finances. This technique has been honed using federal highway funds to force policy changes at the state level. That’s how we got the 21 year-old drinking law, mandatory seat belts, basically federal speed limits and more.

With federal control, we can also expect some borrowers to be treated differently – lower interest rates, longer pay back periods and more generous forgiveness provisions – in the interest of parity, social justice or other special interests. It’s just another federal power grab as is the healthcare takeover.

Obama talked in Cleveland Monday about how his bill will help an uninsured woman who is currently hospitalized for cancer treatment. She is getting treated like the vast majority of the uninsured have been for years. If she were to rely on ObamaCare, she’d be waiting until at least 2013. Only the new taxes and Medicare cuts would start next year.

Our Rep. Zack Space still hasn’t said how he’ll vote this time. If he really wants to be a “centralist” and have any hope of returning to Congress next year, he’ll have to prove it by voting “NO” on this monstrosity. There’s still time to leave a message for him at his Zanesville office by calling toll-free at 1-866-910-7577.

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