2010-03-13 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• March 4: A Myers Avenue woman said someone stole 100 CDs and jewelry from her home.

• March 6: An officer found a Zanesville man slumped over his van’s steering wheel near the Super 8 Hotel. The man’s license was suspended and he said he couldn’t do field sobriety tests for health reasons. The man drove off as the officer ran his information. The man bolted onto I-70 east, but pulled over shortly afterward. He exited the van, telling the officer, “I give up. That was a stupid move on my part.” He failed a BAC test and was charged with OVI, fleeing, and driving with a suspended license.

• March 6: A driver was cited for 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• March 6: A Hebron juvenile was cited for driving an unsafe motor vehicle when an officer was dispatched to a possible fight. The juvenile was not involved in a fight, but the officer noticed his nearby vehicle had a damaged hood and wasn’t properly secured.

• March 7: A driver was cited for 52 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• March 7: A driver was cited for 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• March 9: An officer found a man sitting in his truck, stuck in the mud in a field near Hunts Landing Road. He said he was messing around in the field with his new truck and became stuck. The property owner, a farmer, wanted $200 for damages to the field and the driver was charged with criminal mischief.


• Feb. 14: Police were called at 6:47 a.m. to remove the guests from a room at the Lakewood Inn for causing a disturbance. The Licking County Sheriff’s Office had handled an earlier complaint about the same guests. A woman in the room told police she had been fighting with her boyfriend who had now left. When police told her that management wanted her to leave, she said she didn’t have a way to get home. Police took her to her Heath home.

• Feb. 14: A Wooster Street resident brought a sick puppy to the police station. Police contacted PetPlex Animal Hospital who made an emergency appointment for her dog.

• Feb. 14: A driver was cited for going 64 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at O’Neill Drive.

• Feb. 14: A Newark woman wanted police to document that her 2-year-old daughter was bit by her ex-husband’s dog at his Hebron apartment.

• Feb. 15: A South 8th Street resident gave police a cell phone he found in front of his house. Police tried to contact the owner.

• Feb. 16: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff’s Office with a domestic dispute in Leisure Village in Buckeye Lake. The complainant said the man that had hit her had run off on foot. Police checked the area, but didn’t see the suspect.

• Feb. 16: A South High Street resident took a break from shoveling snow and when he returned his shovel was missing. he told police that he followed tracks in the snow to a Lake Forest Drive home. Police spoke to two juveniles there who admitted taking the shovel. They told police that they threw the shovel around the corner of the building. They retrieved the shovel and gave it to the complainant. Police also spoke with their parents.

• Feb. 17: Police on patrol at 12:45 a.m. say several juveniles out after curfew. Their parents were notified and they were taken home.

• Feb. 17: A Lake Forest Drive woman called police about a loose dog in her driveway. The dog had returned home before police arrived. The owner was warned to keep control of her dog.

• Feb. 17: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported hearing a baby crying, then a woman yelling and finally a hitting noise. Police went to the apartment and spoke with the child’s parents. They said the baby was crying to get a cookie before dinner. Police looked at the baby and didn’t any signs of injury.

• Feb. 17: A South High Street man said a named man was making threats toward him and his family. He said he had just tried to run him over. Police are still investigating the complaint.

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