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One more Letter: ‘Watchdog’ pushing for some positive changes at dog pound


On Sunday, January 31, almost 100 people showed up at the Kirkersville Town Hall to discuss the Licking County “Dog Pound” and I wish to thank all of them for coming.

I also send my sincere appreciation to the Village of Kirkersville for being so hospitable. If you were there and left your email address, you probably have been contacted by now. If you did not leave your email address, mailing address or phone number and want to receive updates and notices of future meetings, please call 740-964-9651; or write to me at P.O. Box 1875, Buckeye Lake 43008; or send an email to barkanimalrescue@ yahoo.com and I will see that you get updates and notices of the next meeting.

My continuing focus will be on Licking County public officials, primarily the Licking County Commissioners: Tim Bubb, Doug Smith and Brad Feightner. As you know, they are in charge of SEVERAL departments in the county and I hope to make them understand that I am not trying to get them to “micro” manage these departments…I want them to MANAGE them! There were/are TONS of problems in the Licking County Planning Department and certainly are TONS of problems at the Licking County dog pound.

On February 2, the Commissioners were informed by a group of citizens that their chief dog warden, Jon Luzio, has an expired firearm certificate. His certificate had been expired for 18 MONTHS! But even with an expired certificate, on a few occasions, dogs were shot and killed IN PUBLIC…a public park, a truck stop, etc.

On February 11, when Channel 6 News came to the Commissioner’s meeting, and after they had left, the commissioners gave Luzio 30 days to get qualified. I don’t believe it is a matter of just going to the shotting range. I believe he will have to take the 20 hour course over again per ORC 109:2-3-10(A)(2).

According to public records, NONE of the Use of Force forms (allegedly filled out when deadly force is used) are signed. They were all created electronically which is OK EXCEPT I requested the signed originals and was told that they “can’t be signed elextronically.” Some of the records have no dates; some of the dates are inconsistent and, in fact, the date on one of them should read 05/07/07 but it says 58/20/07. Some of the other dates are: 77/06, 54/07, 61/06, 92/50/8, 24/09.

Our county ommissioners seem to condone this type of mismanagement by refusing to make positive changes. Don’t get me wrong…there have been “changes.” But sadly, they are in the wrong direction.

One of the citizens (who was at the commissioner’s meeting) had been volunteering at the pound by going in on Saturdays and walking dogs. Since her attendance at the meeting, she was told that she could no longer walk dogs without signing an agreement. She thought it was a liability agreement and would gladly sign one. However, it was a confidentiality agreement…a gag order…agreeing not to talk about what she would see or hear at the pound! There is no mention of waiving liability. She would not sign the agreement and was not allowed to walk the dogs!

I would gladly sign something… a petition to remove Commissioners Doug Smith, Tim Bubb and Brad Feightner from their elected positions.
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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