2010-03-06 / Editorials & Letters

Friends of Buckeye Lake Library planning 5K canal walk


One way to get through these long dreary cold and snowy days is to think ahead towards Spring. We can look at seed catalogs, plan a trip to the beach and best of all, think about getting the boat ready for trips around the lake. The Friends of the Buckeye Library are also doing a bit of dreaming and planning and I want to share our thoughts with you.

How does a 5K (about 3 miles) walk along the Ohio Canal Greenway sound? No, we are not asking anyone to put on his or her boots or skis to make the trek now, but we are planning this event for June 26.,

The walk will begin at the Buckeye Lake Eagles lodge on Canal Road, and then progress up to the Fish Hatchery where walkers will cross over to the Ohio Canal Greenway eventually returning to the Eagles Lodge. If you have never seen it, the area is very scenic and it is a very important part of Buckeye Lake’s history. On that day we will have an expert on the Ohio canal system on hand to explain the significance of the Ohio Canal Greenway and how it fits into Buckeye Lake and Ohio history. We will also encourage participants to visit our wonderful Buckeye Lake Museum and schedule a ride on the Queen of the Lake II. It will be a wonderful day at the lake for participants and we hope you will mark it on your calendar now.

The modest fee charged to participants in the 1st annual 5K walk will be used to support our Buckeye Library which most of you know relies on community support to pay for its operating costs. We are proud of our library and want to insure that it remains here for a very long time.

We need financial sponsors, volunteers for the event and most importantly, we need walkers.

Remember, winter won’t last forever!
Pam Reed
President of the Friends of the Buckeye
Lake Library Board.

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