2010-02-27 / News

It could be July before Buckeye Lake streets are repaved

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE – Residents and council members had traveling on their minds Monday night.

Buckeye Lake resident Ray Sanders asked the Buckeye Lake Village Council why only the village’s east and west streets are one-way. “I’ve seen wider driveways than these streets,” he said. He believes traffic would improve on the village’s narrow streets if they were all one way. Currently, north and south streets are two-way.

Mayor Rick Baker said Tuesday village streets may be easier to navigate if they were all oneway. “Considering the width of the streets probably so,” he said. “Maybe the previous village administrations kept the less traveled streets two-way. We will consider the change at the next safety committee meeting.”

In related transportation issues, Baker said village streets may not be paved until July. The reason is the village may not receive funding until then and, unfortunately for residents, the funding must go directly to the contractor and cannot be used to pay off a loan.

The entire cost of paving will be $843,000. Of that amount, the village is responsible for $220,000, a Small Cities Community Development Block Grant will provide $300,000, an Ohio Public Works Grant adds $161,538, and a no interest loan makes up the $161,538 balance. “We’ll act as quickly as possible,” said Baker.

Most village streets are in terrible condition with last year’s installation of the village’s first ever water distribution system primarily responsible. Streets cannot be repaved until the water lines are pressure tested because if there’s a failure, the lines must be exposed and repaired. Water line testing should be done by April 1, but wait times for the grants will push the project back.

First Street resident Jessica Colley said her street is so full of holes the school bus can’t make it to her house. Baker said Stillion Brothers, the contractor installing the distribution system that’s also responsible for keeping the roads passable until repaved, was scheduled to repair the roads Tuesday, the next day.

Council member Donna Thompson said the village walkway is so covered with snow that pedestrians are forced to walk in the road, which is very dangerous.

Service Director Tim Matheny said the village street crew tried to clear the new sidewalk on the east side of Ohio 79, but found the amount of snow overwhelming. There was really nowhere place all the snow, he said.

Resident Kay Allen asked council not to allow the village’s various commissions to hold meetings on the same nights as council meetings because there is too little parking in front of the Village Hall to handle all the vehicles. Council members said they would consider her request.

In other council news:

• Colley said the Buckeye Lake Fire Department’s siren wakes up her son and is a general nuisance to her neighborhood. She wondered if the fire department could find an alternative means to call for medics and fire fighters. “It’s loud,” she said.

Buckeye Lake Assistant Fire Chief Rod Riley said the siren is necessary because volunteer fire fighters don’t always have their radios with them and need the general notification of an emergency. The siren must be audible across the entire village and unfortunately for Colley, she lives near the siren.

Council member Clay Carroll said the village could explore alternatives to the existing siren. “It’s worth investigation,” he said.

• Council member A. Kaye Hartman said the Waters Edge Ministry participates in the Angel Food Ministries-- a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. She said the program is extremely beneficial to local families in need, but participation is decreasing. “People should place orders through it” for groceries, she said. More participation would help keep the valuable program active in the Buckeye Lake area.

• Council President Charlene Hayden said the Gateway Project Committee has a new web site at www.buckeyelakegateway.com. The group is working to spruce up the entrances to the village and still needs $3,500 to supplement a $10,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The web site has instructions for contribution.

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