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Relentless !

Snow pounds Lake Area
By Scott Rawdon

Lake Area– It’s likely even the most die-hard fans of winter have had enough snow this year. A succession of storms pounded the Lake Area during the last two weeks, canceling school for days on end and making driving treacherous as local counties were under a Level 2 snow emergency. Sick of snow or not, there’s a good chance it’s not over yet.

“With it being only mid February, it is very likely we will see more storms and, yes the potential for at least one ‘big storm,’” said ONN Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell Tuesday. “Some of our forecast models are indicating such a ‘big storm’ perhaps to end this month.”

According to Elwell’s blog, another snowstorm is showing up on his forecast models now. Yes, he said, the onslaught will continue Saturday, Feb 20. Yet another weekend storm, but this one could be bigger than the President's Day storm. While it is way too early to go into details about the predicted storm, Elwell said it is just a sign of how we have a long way to go before spring. While this is only a model forecast, based on the winter so far, it is likely some parts of Ohio will get another round of heavy snow, he said. It should be noted that the models don't have the best handle on this weekend's storm, as some of the newer model runs show the storm way to the south. However, the models had shown this President's Day storm far to the south, too, when we were about a week away, said Elwell. “So lookout!”

Photos by Charles Prince & Scott Rawdon

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