2010-02-20 / Editorials & Letters

‘Watchdog’ says director, gas chamber need to go


Okay, Sean Ahern. I didn’t realize that you may have trouble with reading comprehension. So here is my condensed letter just for you: I refute everything Sean Ahern said and we can agree to disagree. And, Sean, when you are playing games, stick to Euchre. It’s not played with a full deck, either.

According to public records, there are many instances where cats, dogs and even raccoons are being gassed TOGETHER in the same cage by the Director Jon Luzio! Some of the records show, for example, that four dogs and 19 cats were gassed AT THE SAME TIME; two dogs and 23 cats were gassed AT THE SAME TIME!

Many of the records have question marks in the blanks where the operator of the gas chamber is to log what the gas pressure was when the machine was turned on OR what time he locked the control panel! On many occasions, records note that the PSI is below 100 for several days in a row although the record clearly states “DO NOT GO BELOW 100 PSI FOR THE NEXT RUN!”

These are serious humane and safety issues for the animals AND people! NO ONE should be operating a pressurized gas chamber other than BY THE BOOK! The importance of keeping proper records should go without saying.

I invite everyone to visit www.lickingcountypac. com and read the FACTS. You can get involved simply by telling Licking County Commissioners... “The gas chamber needs to go and so does Jon Luzio!”
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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